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Your Local Team of Industrial Rags Suppliers at Sam’s Industrial Wiper Rags

When you order your industrial rags from us, you can expect great prices on high quality products with fast delivery. We are the industrial rag suppliers Sydney businesses rely on, because we sort, cut, and pack all products locally to an exceptionally high standard. You can be sure that all rags will be of a size that is fit for purpose, and free from buttons, zips, or rough elements.

Whatever business you are in, we have the products to suit. Our highly absorbent, white T shirt rags are composed of 100% cotton, and prove perfect for printers, painters, stainers, furniture restorers, cleaners and others working with glass and Perspex.

Our medium cotton rags are used extensively within the mechanical engineering, shipping, and sheet metal industries; while our towels prove popular for concrete industries, glass, mechanical, and car pre-delivery applications.

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Affordable Industrial Cleaning Rags Sydney Businesses Can Rely On

We ensure we always have a regular supply of industrial cleaning rags for you, by working closely with leading Australian charities. By sourcing unwanted materials, we support the vital work of these charities and contribute to the repurposing of useful products that may otherwise end up in landfill. We ensure a reliable wholesale supply of quality rags for a range of industrial applications, and we further local industry by sorting, cutting, and packing all our products right here in Ingleburn, just outside of Sydney.

When you choose Sam’s Industrial Wiper Rags, you are guaranteeing yourself the reliability of a local supplier. Not only do we promise prompt delivery within the metropolitan region, and reasonable delivery rates for areas outside Sydney; we are also easy to contact if you have any specific requests.

If you have any special requirements for your industry rags, then we will do our best to provide the product that’s right for you.

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