Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Citra Max Hand Cleaner for Heavy Duty Waterless Cleaning

Alongside our cleaning rag supplies, we offer a number of complementary products including face masks, water based degreasers, and heavy duty hand cleaners. If you have been searching for a hand cleaner that cuts through oil, grease, paint, or tar, then why not give the Citra Max hand cleaner a go?

You can use this heavy duty hand cleaner without water. It is ideal for use whilst working, as you can either rinse, or wipe it off with a towel or rag. With a plant based solvent formula and low VOCs, the Citra Max hand cleaner is perfect for a range of workplaces.

This hand cleaner has been designed for daily use, with vitamin E and aloe vera in the formula, along with a no-scrub formula, and no need to rinse with water. This prevents your hands drying and cracking, even when constant contact with tough industrial soils requires constant hand cleaning.

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