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Light Cotton, Medium Cotton, Cotton Sheet, and T Shirt Cotton Rags Wholesalers

Providing for the cleaning, storage, and transport needs of a range of industries, we provide quality cotton rags of a variety of material grades that are guaranteed to be free of buttons, zips, or rough elements.

Whatever your industry needs, you will find Sam’s Industrial Wiper Rags to be a reliable wholesale supplier. Based locally, just outside metropolitan Sydney, we promise reliable delivery to all of our valued customers.

If you have been searching for cotton rags wholesalers who offer great value on top quality products, then we have the repurposed cotton products for you. We work with Australian based charity groups to source our raw products. This not only means you get high quality fabrics at a better price, but by choosing repurposed rags, you are keeping materials out of landfill, and indirectly supporting the charities that we work with.

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Your Local Suppliers of Wholesale Repurposed Cotton Cleaning Rags

Repurposing old materials allows us to provide cotton cleaning rags in a variety of fabric weaves and densities.

Our white T shirt rags, for example, are made from highly absorbent T shirt cotton, and make a great choice for cleaning glass and Perspex, working with furniture, painting, or printing.

Our light cotton rags are more popular in the machinery, polishing, and furniture making industries. These rags are made from the lightweight cotton typically found in shirts and bedsheets.

Our medium cotton range includes a mix of heavier T shirt material, corduroy, and light denim. These cotton rags prove useful in heavy engineering, mechanical, shipping, steel, iron, and sheet metal industries.

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